Game of Thrones: The Exhibition

Red Star is continuing to expand its portfolio and explore all types of outlets for merchandise.

At the beginning of 2015 we partnered up with HBO in putting together a pop-up shop for Game of Thrones: The Exhibition, a series of installation exhibits held across London, Stockholm, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. We merchandised these shops that were held over week-long events with items that we designed, manufactured, and produced; as well as with memorabilia from Funko POP!, SD Distribuciones, and Dark Horse Comics. These shops were built from scratch by our team of seasoned vendors and were designed to simulate a realistic experience of the world of Westeros.

It was a pleasure to travel to these metropolitan areas with our friends at HBO as we chatted with newcomers to the fandom and hardcore fans alike. Whether these fans were a part of a Dothraki horde, or a group of Free Folks and Northerners fleeing the horrors Winter was sure to bring, they made sure to complete their visit to the exhibit with a stop at our shop to check out commemorative merch and memorabilia.

We had a great time at Game of Thrones: The Exhibition, and are anxiously awaiting its return in 2016. Stay tuned for more!

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