The story of demand and supply.


Brandi Carlile’s management team approached Red Star about taking over her merchandising in 2013. Brandi felt like the needs of her fans were changing and she wanted to evolve with them.

Speed and efficiency.


We supported her 70-show tour in 2016, followed by a 9-show acoustic run in 2017. We provided a full complement of services including new product design, which became Brandi’s favorite aesthetic to date. It became immediately apparent that demand for her new merchandise was much greater than anyone anticipated, but our team at Red Star responded quickly to ensure that products didn’t sell out or overload the Sprinter vans that carried them.

Stepping up to the plate.


The result of this partnership was staggering, to the tune of 150% growth in sales! According to Red Star Managing Director Rick Clark, it was a combination of factors that contributed to our success. “We had worked with Brandi for a while, and grew the relationship so that we knew the nature of her fans and the tour – and our designers nailed it. Getting to know our clients lets us really step up to the plate and make the kind of quick decisions that get results.”