Great design makes all the difference.


Red Star is dedicated to understanding what makes you unique. This drives our talented design team to create a one-of-a-kind branded merchandise line that is exactly what you and your fans desire. From classic to bespoke artisan items, we deliver what you want, whenever and wherever in the world you need them.

Getting to know you.


Our boutique business model depends on collaboration for success.  We’re committed to building a dynamic relationship with every client so that we can deliver merchandise that appeals to your specific fan base. As your needs change, so does our support. Custom fit is our formula.

Experience + expertise = excellence.


We combine our hands-on approach with years of experience in the industry to deliver the best possible products. Whether it’s band artwork design, printing, custom embroidery, garment manufacturing, or any other process required to bring your ideas to fruition, we guarantee top quality products.