Boutique service meets worldwide demand.


Red Star founder, Alex Stultz, began working with DMB in 1993, well before the success of ‘Under the Table and Dreaming,’ ‘Before These Crowded Streets,’ and the countless albums and worldwide tours that have followed. He rode in the van with the band and oversaw the design, production, and sales of the band’s ever-evolving, and rapidly expanding, merchandise line. Many of those early designs have become classics that are still available, and in demand, today.

Lessons learned.


Along the road, there have been plenty of lessons learned, not the least of which is that a good merchandising solution is not easy to come by. Dave Matthews Band eventually began selling out stadiums, and truck loads of merchandise, due in part to grassroots marketing and an understanding of what their fans wanted. 25 years later, Red Star is continuously updating DMB’s merchandise line, offering a fresh perspective with a classic feel.

Personalized service and production.

This client relationship planted the Red Star Merchandise seed and continues to flourish. From product design, development, and production, to eCommerce sales and promotions, to managing tour operations, Red Star provides a full suite of services for DMB, and, like every band on our roster, they receive our trademark personalized, boutique service.